Philanthropic Mission

With a passion for helping those who are unable to help themselves, Needle and Knot founder, Kara Dulin, has always had deep empathy for children and animals who struggle daily with abusive or otherwise dangerous environments.  As part of her vision for Needle and Knot, she intends to donate 10% of all net proceeds to the following organizations: 

-  War Child:  a global organization dedicated to providing education, medical care and other assistance to children living or who have lived in conflict zones around the world.  For more information, please visit

-  The World Wildlife Fund:  did you know that our animal population has declined by 52% over the last 40 years?  The World Wildlife Fund is a global fundraising organization that works alongside other conservation groups to bring financial support and recognition to the worldwide nature and wildlife conservation effort.  For more information, please visit

A lot of heart goes into each handcrafted item in our gallery.  We want you to love what you purchase from us but we also want you to feel good knowing that your choice to support small business also means you've helped out a small part of the world in a big way!

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